Nutritional Consultation

A one-on-oneconsultation to discuss your health issues, lifestyle, eating habits, and health goals.
I can help you discover your body’s nutritional deficiencies and tailor a nutrient-packed, healthy eating plan that addresses your personal nutritional needs.

My goal is to empower you through education and give you the practical tools you need to make positive lifestyle changes easily and permanently.

This one hour session includes unlimited email support.


Private Cooking Instruction for kids (or grown-ups!)

There’s no better way to teach children healthy eating habits than to show them how to cook for themselves. I'll teach your children how to prepare simple, healthy meals that appeal to their taste buds and give them the energy and nutrients their growing bodies need.

Menus are tailored to suit your dietary needs.

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Kitchen Cleanse

I will help you identify the products in your pantry, fridge and freezer that could be sabotaging your health goals. Learn how to stock your kitchen with key, nutrient rich, whole food ingredients and tips on how to prepare inspiring meals.